Sizes 2 to 12 inch, 150 psi

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Pre-loaded stainless steel springs in both upper and lower stem journals ensure a constant pre-energizing of the seals, which allows compensation for packing wear and thermal contraction and expansion.

• Upper and lower stem seals utilize multiple designs and materials to supply the ultimate in sealing, safety and reduced downtime.

• The thickest PTFE liner available in the industry provides a minimum thickness of 1/8-inch for greatest protection against corrosive attack and permeation, resulting in longer service life.

• Virgin PTFE lining on all internal wetted surfaces is inert to both acids and caustics, eliminating the need for costly, exotic metals.




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• Thin disc design provides high Cv with excellent controllability.

• Steel-backed RTFE bushings maintain stern alignment through the seals, delivering longer valve and seal life.

• Choice of silicone or fluoroelastomer (FKM) seat backing, depending on application, increases valve performance.

• Thermally applied polyester powder coating on valve body provides superior impact and abrasion resistance, as well as resistance to most acids, preventing exterior corrosion.

• Direct actuator mounting eliminates brackets or coupling, reducing dead- band, increasing ease-of-assembly and lowering installation costs.


General Applications

Ideal for the most demanding industries, including chemical, semiconductor and pulp and paper. Typical services include: nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, wet chlorine, brine, chlorine dioxide, and ultra pure water. Special cleaning available for valves used in chlorine and ultrapure water.

Technical Data:

Size Range: 2-inch (50mm) through 12-inch (300 mm)

Pressure Rating: 150 psi bidirectional shutoff, drop tight

Vacuum Rating: 6x10 in Hg

Temperature Rating: Standard: 350 degrees F at 90 psi / 320 degrees F at 150 psi


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